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Which Allform Sofa Is Best For Me?

So you’re ready to upgrade your sofa game, but you’re not sure what’s going to work best for your space and your lifestyle. Well, we designed Allform for people just like you. 

Our goal with the modular Allform sofa design is to offer near limitless possibilities. You can choose sofas for small spaces, sofas for huge spaces, sofas for corners and guest rooms and offices, and more! 

Finding the perfect fit for your space starts with just a few simple steps. 

aerial view of man and woman lounging on sand 6-seat sofa
Measure Your Room 

The most important thing you can do to begin your search is measure the space where you’re hoping to place your new sofa. Measure the width, depth and height of your space and keep those numbers handy as you start searching through our different designs. 

The great thing about Allform is that we offer a huge range of sofa sizes and layouts. But don’t let the selection overwhelm you. Each and every seating configuration is built around one seat size: 27” W x 38” D x 34” H. You’ll need to add 4.5” on each end for the arms.

From there, just add on however many seats you want until you’ve built the perfect sofa for your space!

man and woman sitting together on sand 2 seat sofa with ottoman in living space
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Wait, I’m Looking For A Sectional.
How Does That Work?

That’s great! Allform’s modular sofa design includes corner seat modules that give you the option for either an L sectional (one corner seat with standard seats on either side) or a U sectional (two corner seats completed with standard seat modules.) 

Our corner seat module will add 43” to your setup in two directions, giving you the ability to snugly fit yourself into the living room corner with an L sectional configuration or build out a U sectional to frame your space.
dark smoke leather 7 seat sectional sofa with corner and chaise
Chaise Or Ottoman?
Does Either Make Sense For Me?
There’s nothing better than parking it for movie night with your feet up and a cozy blanket. Adding a Chaise or Ottoman to your sofa is the perfect way to take relaxing or snoozing on your new sofa to the next level. 

Each Allform seat is compatible with either a Chaise attachment or an Ottoman so the decision will come down to which appearance and functionality you prefer. 

With a Chaise, you’ll enjoy one smooth cushion atop a connected foot base that allows you to extend your legs and cozy up without thinking twice. You’ll want to designate which seat on your sofa will serve as the Chaise when you’re setting it up. The foot base will need to be attached to the seat base and switching up the configuration will require rearranging the rest of your cushions. Please note: if you change your mind, that’s OK! You’ll always be able to reconfigure your sofa without needing any tools.

An Ottoman, on the other hand, will be detached from your sofa and can be aligned with any seat on the sofa. It’s a bit more flexible as you can go from upright seating to kicking your feet up in no time. The ottoman includes a matching cushion sewn into the surface of the footstool. The Ottoman cushion cannot be removed. 
Dark blue 2 seat sofa with chaise in living space
OK, I’ve Finalized My Layout.
Should I Go With Leather Or Fabric?
You’re almost there! Now that you’ve measured your space and determined the best sofa layout, you’ll want to decide between one of our performance fabric options or luxurious natural leather selections. 

We have a great in-depth breakdown on our fabrics and leathers here. But if you’re looking for an overview, we’ve got you covered. 

Our high performance fabrics are heavy-duty rub-tested and designed to protect against water, oil, stains, and life’s everyday accidents. They’re also kid and pet-friendly. 

Our top-grain leather selections offer a naturally luxurious feel to your sofa with a deep, warm finish. The semi-aniline leather options provide durability against everyday use.
woman with surprised expression sitting in center seat of charcoal 3 seat sofa with ottoman in living space
Still Have Questions? We’re Here To Help!
If you have additional questions about Allform products or your order, please click here to contact our team. We’ll be happy to help!
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