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While we focus on making your inside world as cozy as possible, it’s important we keep the outside world healthy and safe. That’s why we implement leading sustainable manufacturing practices and use recycled materials.

Certifications - Sustainable Furnishings Council
Certifications - Sustainable Foresty Initiative
Certifications - 95% Recycled Metal
Certifications - 100% Recycled Packaging
Certifications - LED Lighting
Certifications - Sustainable Furnishings Council - Sustainability

Sustainable Furnishing Council

Our US based manufacturing partner is a charter member of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC), established in 2006 to be the leading coalition of manufactures, retailers, and designers dedicated to raising awareness and expanding adoption of environmentally friendly practices in the home furnishings industry.


Members of the SFC are considered thought leaders in the space, offering assistance to other industry members.


The Council holds periodic events bringing the newest technologies in sustainable sourcing and manufacturing to the forefront.


In conjunction with the National Wildlife Federation, the SFC assesses companies on sustainable wood sourcing providing a scorecard.
Certifications - Sustainable Foresty Initiative - Sustainability

Sustainable Forest Initiative Wood Sourcing

All of the wood used in our frames is domestically sourced from Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certified vendors. The SFI ensures forest-based conservation and management across the entire wood sourcing supply chain.


Practicing land stewardship and ethical harvesting to ensure SFI compliance forest management.


One of the key tenants of the SFI is protecting biological diversity and water resources to ensure sustainable ecology.


The SFI works in conjunction with governments, educators, and local communities to spread forest sustainable awareness.
Certifications - 95% Recycled Metal

Focus On Recycled Materials

We have a strong focus on using recycled materials in our products and packaging in order to minimize waste and maximize impact on the environment. This value lives across all inputs in our products.
Certifications - 100% Recycled Packaging
Certifications - 100% Recycled Padding
Certifications - 95% Recycled Metal

100% Recycled Padding

The padding upholstery padding materials used throughout the sofa (example: padding over the arms) are 100% recycled material.

95% Recycled Metal

All metal components throughout each sofa consist of at least 95% recycled steel or aluminum.

100% Recycled Lumber Waste

In any manufacturing process you have excess waste. We recycle 100% of the excess wood.
Certifications - LED Lighting - Sustainability

Strict Energy Management

Our manufacturing facility implements stringent policies on energy and water usage to reduce excess waste. The entire facility has been converted to use LED lighting to ensure efficient power usage.
Value Pro - 100 Relaxin' Day Trial - Color

100 Day Relaxin’ Trial

We want your mind to feel as comfortable as your butt. That’s why we offer an industry leading 100 day return guarantee. Comfy is as comfy does.
Value Prop - 100% Free, Fast Delivery - Color

100% Free, Fast Delivery

Paying for shipping is just ridiculous. So is waiting 3-4 months for your order. Our unique modular solution lets us ship your new product to you fast and free.
Value Prop - Forever Warranty - Color

Forever Warranty

You know what a short warranty means? It means questionable quality and durability. We offer a best in class limited lifetime warranty on our frames so you can rest easy.
Value Prop - Sustainably Made in the USA - Color

Sustainably Made in the USA

Each sofa is handmade by skilled artisans in the same factory as some of the leading, high quality furniture brands. We also have a focus on the health of the environment, which is why we use recycled materials, Sustainable Forest Initiative supplied wood, and our entire facility is Certified UL Responsible for ethical sourcing.
Value Prop - Financing Available - Color

Financing Available

Allform and Klarna have teamed up to offer zero to low APR financing. Just choose ‘Pay over time with Klarna.’ at checkout. For people with low or no FICO scores Katapult offers alternative financing.