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Standard Sofa Sizes and 
 Dimensions Explained

Woman Lounging on Red 3-Seat Sofa with Ottoman
A standard size sofa, or three-seater sofas, is about 90 inches wide in the seating area, 38 inches deep, and 34 inches high. However, this can vary from brand to brand. In this guide, we'll help you find the perfect new sofa for your living room. We'll review standard sofa dimensions, how to measure your living space, and the different types of sofas available to you. Let's get to it!
Dark Blue Loveseat with Walnut Legs
3-Seat Light Grey Sofa with Walnut Legs

Standard Sofa Dimensions

One Seat (Armchair)
36” width x 38” depth x 34” height
Two Seats (Loveseat)
63” width x 38” depth x 34” height
Three Seats
90” width x 38” depth x 34” height
Four Seats
117” width x 38” depth x 34” height
Five Seats
144” width x 38” depth x 34” height
Six Seats
171” width x 38” depth x 34” height

How to Measure Your Space With 
 Standard Sofa Sizes in Mind

Before you purchase a new sectional sofa or loveseat, you need to survey your floor plan and measure your available space to know what size piece of furniture can fit comfortably in that space.

Step 1: 
Break our your measuring tape!

The first thing to do is to measure the space you want to place the sofa in. Be mindful of any surrounding furniture, like a coffee table that might also be in the family room, to make sure your sofa can accommodate the other furniture. You also need to measure your door frame, and any entryway, that the sofa may need to go through either when it arrives or if/when you move.

Step 2:
Write down your available dimensions

The next step is to take note of the dimensions of the available space so you know what will fit comfortably. Make sure to consider any interior design elements that might be impeded. For example, you don't want to block a window or an entry way with your sofa.

Step 3: 
Find a sofa that fits within those dimensions

The last step is to take your dimensions and use those to find a sofa that can fit within those limits. You'd never want to risk purchasing a sofa, and as it arrives, find out it doesn't fit in the room, or that it doesn't fit through your door.

How to Arrange Common 
 Sofas by Size

Two-Seater or "Loveseats"

A two-seater sofa, or loveseat, is ideal for small spaces such as apartments, home offices, and bedrooms. In addition to being in the center of your living room, you might also like to place it perpendicular to your desk in your home office to fill the room out better, or in front of your bed like a bedroom bench.

Three-Seater Sofas

Three-seat sofas are best for living room and family room spaces. Due to their longer couch dimensions, it's not likely that they will fit well in other rooms of the home. The standard go-to position for a three-seater sofa is centered, facing your television or entertainment center.


If you're looking for a more traditional sofa, or an accent piece for your other living room furniture, you might opt for a settee. Settees are a slimmer sofa with bench-style seating as opposed to individual seat cushions. They typically have high, straight backs, shallow seat depths and tall legs. Unlike the standard dimensions of a three-seater couch, settees more closely resemble loveseats.

L-Shape Sectional Sofas

L-shaped sectional sofas are another option for your living space. If you have a slightly larger space, the L-shaped sectional can really help to fill out your living room and create a more inviting and comfortable space for families or those who like to entertain.

Sleeper Sofas

For folks who don't have a guest room and like to entertain guests and offer them a place to sleep can opt for a sleeper sofa. These sofas have a bed under the seating area that you can pull out and expand to provide a comfortable place for guests to sleep. However, it's important to remember to provide enough clearance for your sleeper sofa to expand. If you're in a tight space, be sure to measure the surrounding area and check the dimensions of the sleeper sofa, before purchasing, to make sure it will fit properly when open.
Man and Dog on Whiskey Leather 3-Seat Sofa with Chaise
Woman sitting on dark blue Allform loveseat

Find the Perfect-Sized Sofa 
 for Any Space

If you're still unsure if you can find a sofa to fit your living space, have no fear. Allform offers modular sofas that can be designed to fit any size space. From one seat to eight, you can scale your sofa up or down to suit your needs. 

Because they come in pieces, they can fit through any entryway and are easy to transport when it's time for you to move. In addition, our performance fabric comes in seven color options or you can opt for one of two leather options. 
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