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You’ve been told your whole life it’s what’s inside that counts. Well call us vain, but we think it’s both the inside and the outside that makes for a great sofa. 

Certifications - 100% Recycled Packaging
Certifications - 100% Recycled Padding
Certifications - Water Based Glue
Certifications - 95% Recycled Metal
Certifications - CertiPUR-US

Performance Fabrics

We get it - life happens. Pets, kids, and general “uh-oh” moments make keeping furniture clean tough! Our fabrics are all heavy duty scratch, pill, and stain resistant without sacrificing a comfortable feel. Feel free to live your life on your sofa.


55,000 Double Rub Count

The industry standard test for fabric durability is the “double rub count” where fabric is rubbed back and forth. Anything with a score over 15,000 is considered heavy duty. All Allform fabrics received a score of 55,000 - over 3.5x higher.

Stain Resistant

Treated with eco-friendly stain resistant application to give protection against water, oils, and soiling.

Panama Weave

Slightly checkered texture with warp and weft threads providing additional depth to the fabric.

Top-Grain Protected Leather

We use high quality top-grain protected leather in order to provide a uniform look and natural feel to your leather sofa, while maintaining durability. The process is designed to provide a soft and warm touch.



Slightly pigmented to achieve deep, true color without sacrificing the natural grain.

North & South American Hides

All of our leather comes from North and South America and is tanned in Mexico.

High Thickness

We use leather with 1.2 to 1.4 mm thickness, which is about 20% thicker than typical furniture leather.

Allform Comfort Design Cushion

Our cushions use high-grade foam and fiber and are designed to provide a balance of loft and comfort. We take pride in the comfort of the sofa in addition to the look and feel.


Channeling & Anti-Shifting

We offer channeling on the back cushion to ensure proper distribution of fiber as well as an anti-shifting encasement on the seat cushion.

High-Grade Polyfoam

Our seat cushions use a high-grade polyfoam designed to provide comfort and to avoid sagging.

CertiPur-US Certified Foam

All of the foam used is CertiPur-US Certified, ensuring it is made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, heavy metals, and low VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Hardwood Frame

We have taken action to make sure our frames feel substantial and durable. Each of our frames features maple and poplar hardwood ply boards with a quarter-turn at each ply to add strength.


Kiln-Dried Laminated

The kiln-drying and laminating process makes our frames significantly harder than standard wood.

Sustainably Sourced

All of the wood used in our frames is domestically sourced from Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certified vendors.

Forever Warranty

We are so confident in our frames that we offer a limited lifetime warranty.
Certifications - 95% Recycled Metal

Flexolator Steel Seating

We use a uniquely designed seating system that provides extreme comfort in shaping to your body, with a touch of bounce and support.


Tempered Steel Suspension

The tempered steel suspension grid system has webbing to ward off sagging.

High-Gauge Helical Coil

The entire system is held in place by 11-gauge helical coil springs and L brackets.

95% Recycled Metal

All metal components throughout consist of at least 95% recycled steel or aluminum.
Certifications - Water Based Glue - Our Materials

Water Based Glues

All of the glue used in our sofas is water based, made from naturally occurring substances.

Certifications - 100% Recycled Packaging
Certifications - 100% Recycled Padding
Certifications - Water Based Glue
Certifications - 95% Recycled Metal
Certifications - CertiPUR-US