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Woman kneeling in front of disassembled light grey 3-seat sofa, fastening the left section to the middle section
Is Assembly
What If I
Get Stuck?

Buying a sofa online for the very first time? We get why it’s a little bit daunting. All Allform sofas and armchairs are shipped directly to your door in just a few boxes — but for most people, the experience will be just a bit different than you might be used to.

That’s why we’ve made the assembly process simple and straightforward. And don’t forget: we’re here to help every step of the way. 

One other helpful piece of advice: your sofa might look big, but every single seat is exactly the same. Assembly is just a process of getting one seat put together and then doing it over and over until you’re done.

So, What Can I Expect From The Assembly Process?

Your sofa or armchair will arrive at your doorstep via FedEx Ground and will be packaged in a few boxes depending on the size and layout you purchased. A 3-seat sofa, for example, will arrive in four total boxes with one box dedicated to each seat module and one separate box for the arms, hardware, and assembly guide. 

When your sofa arrives, we recommend double-checking the tracking on your order to be sure each item arrived successfully. Our packages are shipped with a single parent tracking number, but each individual box will include its own tracking number that can be accessed through our Order Status Page. On occasion, a box can be separated from the rest while in transit, so be sure each item was delivered before beginning the assembly process.

collection of different sized allform boxes

Get Everything Prepared

Once you’re ready to start building, we recommend removing everything from the boxes. Go ahead and break down your boxes to be recycled — you won’t need to hold on to them for any reason. 

It will also be important to locate the hardware pack that is included in your arm box. The hardware pack will include all of the necessary t-bolts, washers, legs, and connecting pins for your assembly process. It will be helpful to have all of your hardware laid out and organized prior to beginning assembly. 

Once you get started with the assembly, it’s a simple process that will be repeated a few times:
Step 1
Connect each Seat Base to a Seat Back using two T-Bolts and two Metal Washers
Step 2
Attach the Arm Panels to your outermost Seat Bases using a Connecting Pin and T-Bolts
Step 3
Push all of your assembled seat modules together and lock them in place with the Connecting Pin in each Seat Back. 
Step 4
Screw in each leg and stand your sofa or armchair upright
That’s it! 
close up of hands adjusting central seat cushion on teal sofa
Wait, I’m Stuck!

No worries at all! We’ve designed the assembly process to be as simple as possible. But we understand that sometimes the process might require just a bit more assistance.

To help, we’ve included digital assembly instructions here, along with an assembly video and our how-to guides for each armchair, sofa, L-sectional, and U-Sectional.
2 men and one dog lounging on whiskey leather 3 seat sofa with chaise lounge in living space
Prefer to chat through it?
We’re here to help! If you have additional questions about the Allform assembly process, please click here to contact our team and we’ll be in touch to help right away. You can also use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen to chat live with a member of our team.
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