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A Couch in a Box Built to Last

See how Allform creates the ultimate couch in a box.

It wasn't enough just to design a comfy piece of furniture that's perfect for lounging. We designed furniture that you can customize exactly to your home. Each component is handcrafted in North Carolina and brought directly to your door for hassle-free assembly.
Two Women Folding Fabric

What's different about 
 buying an Allform sofa?

This isn't your average couch in a box. The Allform sofa combines timeless style, easy-to-customize design details, and high-quality US made construction. Every order is also supported by world-class shipping and logistics through FedEx Home Delivery Multi-Piece Shipments.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the most convenient and stress-free sofa shopping experience.
Woman Lounging on Amber 3-Seat Sofa with Chaise
Allform Sofa-in-a-Box Packages

You'll Never Want Another 
 Couch in a Box

Allform sofas are built to last with premium materials and a durable design. But you're not just buying the perfect sofa, you're also buying the perfect experience.
Easy Assembly
Putting together your Allform sofa is easy, with easily-identifiable labeled boxes, hardware, and a 100% tool-less assembly system. Your new Allform sofa can go from box to living room in about 15 minutes.
Intuitive Design
Our innovative tool-less assembly system doesn’t rely on pins or latches to support the weight of consecutive models. Unlike other furniture that comes in a box, we leverage our signature shelf support assembly that increases sturdiness and stability.
Durable Materials
Convenient design doesn’t mean anything built cheaply. Our kiln-dried frames go through rigorous weight drop testing up to 300 pounds. We also utilize durable performance fabrics and Certi-PUR foam cores designed to help cushions retain their shape for years to come.
Timeless Style
Whether you're looking for the perfect three-seater, loveseat or chaise, each piece of Allform furniture is designed to complement any living space. The fact that it came in a box? Well, we can just keep that between us.
Woman Lounging on Teal 3-Seat Sofa
Allform sofa 100 day free trial

100 Day Relaxin’ Trial

We want your mind to feel as comfortable as your butt. That’s why we offer an industry leading 100 day return guarantee. Comfy is as comfy does.
100% Free, Fast Delivery

100% Free, Fast Delivery

Paying for shipping is just ridiculous. So is waiting 3-4 months for your order. Our unique modular solution lets us ship your new product to you fast and free.
Forever Warranty

Forever Warranty

You know what a short warranty means? It means questionable quality and durability. We offer a best in class limited lifetime warranty on our frames so you can rest easy.