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Ready to step up your sofa game? 

Let's get started. Here's what to expect on the day of delivery. 

Each Allform sofa, armchair, and ottoman is shipped unassembled in a few separate boxes. We offer free shipping via FedEx Ground and each order will come with one master tracking number so you can keep an eye on your estimated delivery date. However, each package will have its own individual tracking number so you know exactly where each box is on its way to you.

It is possible that a package or two could be separated from the rest in transit so we've provided a complete list below of what you can expect in your shipment, including the contents of each box and the number of individual hardware components you should receive. Please note: any pillows you order will ship separately and arrive in separate boxes.

You'll receive different boxes depending on your armchair or sofa configuration, but here's a look at the 8 possible boxes that could be included in your shipment: 
Arm Box
2 Arms, Hardware, Legs
Seat Box
1 Seat Base, 1 Seat Back, 1 Back Cushion, 1 Seat Cushion
Chaise Box
1 Seat Base, 1 Seat Back, 1 Back Cushion, 1 Foot Stool
Chaise Cushion Box
1 Chaise Cushion
Corner Seat Box
1 Corner Seat Base, 1 Corner Seat Cushion, 1 Right Corner Back Cushion
Corner Back Box
1 Right Corner Seat Back, 1 Left Corner Seat Back, 1 Left Corner Back Cushion, Hardware (for larger configurations)
Ottoman Box
1 Ottoman Base (with cushion attached), 4 Legs
Square/Lumbar Pillows
To assemble your armchair or sofa, you'll receive individual hardware components that are grouped into Hardware Packs and are included based on the number of seats in your configuration. Allform Hardware Packs include:
Hardware Pack - Arms
6 T-Bolts, 6 Metal Washers, 0 Legs, 4 Leg Washers, 2 Connecting Pins
Hardware Pack - Seat
6 T-Bolts, 6 Metal Washers, 0 Legs, 2 Leg Washers, 1 Connecting Pin
Hardware Pack - Corner
2 T-Bolts, 2 Metal Washers, 2 Legs, 2 Leg Washers, 2 Connecting Pins
Hardware Pack - Chaise Connector
1 Chaise Connection Strap, 2 Thumb Screws 
So How Many Boxes Can You Expect? How Many Pieces Of Hardware Will You Need? 

We've also put together three sets of instructions of our configurations (ranging from 1-6 seaters), which include the total number of boxes and individual hardware components you can expect to receive.

Don't see your configuration below? Click here to let our team know and we'll be happy to provide more details on your specific Allform sofa.
Still Have Questions? We’re Here To Help!

If you have additional questions about Allform products or your order, please click here to contact our team. We’ll be happy to help!