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Can I Add On To My Allform?
How Does That Work?

Let’s face it, sofas are no small investment. They’re certainly not something you want to replace every time you move or every time you get the itch to rearrange your living room.

Thanks to Allform’s modular design, you won’t have to. 

Every Allform sofa is designed with the functionality to add on, take apart, and rearrange. Let’s say you’re in a small apartment where a loveseat is all that makes sense. And then that perfect home opens up and all of the sudden you have more room to fill. Just add a seat or two and you’re good to go! 
101_ Can I Add Onto My Allform_ How Does That Work_
How Do I Know What Add-On Pieces I Need? 

We have put together this helpful page for spare parts and spare modules. Each option is designed to meet the needs of any sofa expansion or rearrangement. And with each spare module, you’ll receive all of the necessary hardware and components to easily add it to your sofa. 

No need to count out all the legs and t-bolts and order them separately. Just pick the new seats you want to add and we’ll ship it all straight to your door.

3-seat teal sofa with chaise section highlighted and emphasized with an arrow graphic
Dark Blue 3 seat sofa, all pieces neatly disassembled
OK, But How Hard Is This Going To Be?

We get it! Once your sofa is assembled and ready to go, you’re probably not eager to take it back apart again. But adding to or reconfiguring your sofa can be completed in just a few simple steps.

Regardless of your current sofa design, you will only need to remove one arm panel from your current sofa in order to expand it. If you’re adding a corner seat module, you won’t even need to remove an arm. Just dissemble the middle seat module and add the corner right in. 

It’s important to remember that our sofas are designed with a patented locking mechanism in each seat back. The steps you took to lock your connecting pins in place will need to be reversed in order to unlock it. 

From the perspective of standing in front of your sofa and facing it, for example, each connecting pin connects to the left and locks into place when pushed down towards the floor. To unlock it, you will need to jar it upwards and then out to the right. 
Woman and Man on Dark Smoke Leather Allform Sofa

Wait, I Still Have Questions! 

No problem at all. If you have additional questions about adding on to your sofa, please click here to contact our team. We’ll be happy to help!

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