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The Best Fabric for Your New Sofa 
 Combines Durability, Comfort, and Style

If you’re searching for a new fabric sofa, couch or settee for your home, fabric choice is an important decision. It should be a durable fabric that can stand the test of traffic over time, but you also want to be sure that the sofa fabric is comfortable and suits your home decor. 

In this guide, we will discuss natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics, leather and faux leather, as well as some unique fabrics so that you can compare them all and decide what option is the best for you. We’ll discuss price points, durability, pet-friendliness, stain-resistance and organic considerations.
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Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics, otherwise known as performance fabrics, have the look and feel of natural fibers, but cost less and are easier to clean up. Synthetic fibers typically contain natural fiber and polyester blends that make them more durable, but still very comfortable. 

Many love synthetic fabrics for their stain and fade resistance as well as their combination with natural fibers which gives them a stronger, tighter weave. Furthermore, synthetic fibers are far more resistant to snags from your furry friends, again due to their tight weave design.

Allform, for example, uses 55,000 double rub, 100% polyester for its sofas. This is a performance fabric that is scratch, pill and stain resistant. We call our fabric “performance fabric” because it's built to withstand busy homes with heavy use.

Like all of our materials, it’s also made to be eco-friendly and sustainable - all Allform fabrics and leathers meet UFAC 1 Flammability Standard without the addition of flame retardants. Common synthetic fabrics include polyester, microfiber, polypropylene, nylon, olefin, and acrylics.
More affordable. • More durable - stain and snag resistant. • Easy to clean.
Not 100% natural. • Less resistant to pet hair. • Oil stains can be more difficult to remove.
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Natural Fabrics

When shopping for your living room sofa, one consideration might be a natural fabric sofa. Natural fabrics are plant-based, and aside from genuine leather, is the only material that can come organic. Typically, natural fibers have a high thread count and a tight weave design. 

Some natural fabrics include cotton fabric, linen, silk, wool and rayon.
Come in a variety of price points. • Organic options available, hypoallergenic. • Naturally snag and abrasion resistant. • Pet hair resistant.
Not super stain resistant. • Not as easy to clean as leather and synthetic • Can be pricier than synthetics.

Leather and Faux 
 Leather Materials

Leather and faux leather fabrics are completely different, structurally, from natural and synthetic fabrics. Leather sofas have much higher stain resistance and typically only require minimal spot cleaning. 

Leather furniture begins with a cow hide that goes through a splitting and preparation process. Materials include cow and composite hides and come in various levels, referred to as grains. Specifically, there are top-grain, split-grain, and suede.

Allform sofas are made with top-grain protected leather, the real deal. The leather is sourced from North and South American hides and tanned in Mexico. It has 1.2 to 1.4 thickness, about 20 percent more than typical leather furniture. In other words, we put quality first. 

Conversely, faux leather materials include polyurethane, polyamide microfiber, PVC, and faux suede and are created by gluing together leather dust, vinyl, plastic, glue, and sealed with a protective coating.
Easy to clean. • Superior stain resistance. • Higher-end option compared to fabric.
Genuine leather is far more expensive than fabric. • Faux leather is not as durable as genuine leather. • Can experience rips, tears and scratches.
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Unique Fabrics

If you’re looking for a different fabric, you might be interested in a denim or velvet sofa. These upholstery fabrics aren’t as commonly used for furniture but if you have special needs, and can find them, they provide a great alternative to traditional fabric and leather. Let’s take a look at how these compare to the other fabrics we’ve reviewed today.
Typically less expensive than natural fabric or genuine leather. • Less common, great if you prefer a unique sofa. • Good options for a DIY reupholstery project.
A reupholstery project can cost more than buying a sofa. • Not great options for sofas. • Not as scratch and stain resistant.

Choosing the Right Fabric 
 for Your Situation

We hope you know all the best upholstery options for your new sofa. Each of the different fabrics we’ve discussed here today have different benefits. Ultimately, the best sofa fabric for you will depend on several considerations including your budget, lifestyle and design preferences.

For example, if you have pets, you might like a leather sofa that is easy to clean and stain resistant, or a performance fabric sofa which is also easy to clean. However, if you want something all natural, a simple fabric option might be what you’re looking for.

Be sure to consider the level of maintenance that is required for your sofa as well. For example, leather sofas require regular conditioning to keep their durability and appeal. If you’re not up for that, you might be happier with a piece of furniture upholstered with performance fabric that is super easy to clean and maintain.

For that, check out Allform’s custom sectionals and sofas. We’re sure you’ll find something that matches what you’re looking for.
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