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Assembly Troubleshooting - Seat Base Modules

Having trouble getting your Allform armchair or sofa together? We’re here to help with some detailed troubleshooting steps. Below, we’ll focus on the connection of your Seat Base Module - the combination of a Seat Base and a Seat Back. We’ll also provide assistance for connecting multiple Seat Base Modules together to complete your sofa. 
Amber 1-Seat Armchair
Step 1
Locate and pair together any remaining Seat Bases and Seat Backs.
Step 2
Connect each Seat Base to a Seat Back using two T-Bolts, and two Metal Washers
  1. Place the Seat Back flat on the floor. Lift and align the Seat Base with the exposed cutout on the Seat Back. The Seat Base shelf will fit into the Seat Back cutout.
  2. Check the holes under the Seat Base shelf to be sure they are aligned with the holes on the Seat Back cutout.

  3. With the Metal Washer added, fasten two T-Bolts into the Seat Base until the Seat Back and Seat Base are securely connected.
Step 3
With all Seat Backs and Seat Bases paired together and securely connected, arrange each separate module in the configuration your finished sofa will appear. All Seat Modules should remain with the Seat Back flat on the ground.
Step 4
Screw a Connecting Pin into the Base Plate arranged on the left side of each Seat Back.
Step 5
Connecting each Seat Module.

  1. Starting from the right side of your sofa, lay the Right Arm Module on its back so the Seat Back is laying flat against the ground.

  2. Arrange the next Seat Module to your left so the Seat Back is also laying flat against the ground.

  3. Align the Connecting Pin from the Right Arm Module to align with the Opening Plate on the Seat Back to its left.

  4. Carefully insert the Connecting Pin into the top of the Opening Plate.

  5. Once fully inserted, apply pressure in the direction of the Seat Base on your rightmost Seat Back. Apply opposite pressure towards the Seat Back on the Left Arm Module.

  6. With your Connecting Pin now securely locking the Seat Backs in place, locate your Center Panel and align it with the cutout between the bottom of your two Seat Bases.

  7. With a Metal Washer added, securely fasten each T-Bolt into the four holes on your Center Panel.

  8. With a Leg Washer added, securely fasten one leg into each of the two holes above and below the Center Panel.

  9. Repeat steps to connect each remaining Seat Module.
Man and Woman on Four Different Armchairs
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