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Assembly Tips and Preparation

Your new Allform sofa includes a toolless assembly that can be completed in your home with the included instructions. Before we get started, though, we wanted to share a few key tips and preparation steps that will ensure the easiest possible assembly process. 
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Clear the room! We highly recommend assembling your sofa in an open room free from any objects, including pets and small children. We also recommend laying down a bed sheet to avoid any debris from gathering on your sofa components while they are being assembled.

Grab a friend or family member: While the Allform assembly process is fully toolless, it does include lifting and aligning multiple sofa components. We highly recommend having at least two people present for the entire assembly process.

Know your left from right! Throughout the assembly process, we will reference the Left and Right Arm Panels as well as directional movements to the left and right. For the entirety of the assembly process, we will be referring to the “left” and “right” from the perspective of standing in front of and facing your sofa.

You might need to apply some weight: At certain points in the assembly process, particularly for the secure locking of each connecting pin, you may need to apply some bodyweight to successfully connect two pieces.

Open and take inventory of your hardware:
The hardware pack for your sofa will be included in the arm box. We recommend opening the hardware package and laying out each individual part to be sure you have all of the necessary hardware. The checklist included on the outside of your hardware pack includes the exact number of each hardware component you will need.

Remove Leg Cap: To protect the metal threading on your sofa's legs, our manufacturer includes a red cap on the end of each leg. Carefully pull or twist the cap off each leg before beginning assembly. 

Combine T-bolts with Metal Washers: Throughout the construction of your sofa, we will need to securely fasten the T-bolts in your hardware pack to connect two or more components of your sofa. This process is much easier if you have already combined each T-bolt with a corresponding metal washer.

Screw in each Connecting Pin: Each Seat Back on your sofa AND your Right Arm Panel will include a Base Plate where you screw in the metal Connecting Pin. We recommend screwing a Connecting Pin into each Base Plate before beginning the assembly process.

Don’t force T-bolts into place: Please do not force any T-Bolt into the threading, which can result in the T-bolt getting stuck or stripped. Fasten it slowly to ensure the T-Bolt threading is properly aligned with the Seat Base threading.
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Prefer to chat through it?
We’re here to help! If you have additional questions about the Allform assembly process, please click here to contact our team and we’ll be in touch to help right away. You can also use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen to chat live with a member of our team.
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Forever Warranty

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Each sofa is handmade by skilled artisans in the same factory as some of the leading, high quality furniture brands. We also have a focus on the health of the environment, which is why we use recycled materials, Sustainable Forest Initiative supplied wood, and our entire facility is Certified UL Responsible for ethical sourcing.
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Financing Available

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