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What Kind Of Warranty
Comes With My Sofa?

If you’re like us, when you find the perfect sofa for your space, it becomes part of your everyday life for years and years. 

Sure, you might swap end tables. You might rotate out the blinds. But your sofa stays. 

That’s why our goal with every Allform sofa is to provide long-lasting durability. And we stand by that commitment to provide you with the highest quality furniture possible. 

Each and every Allform sofa or armchair includes a limited lifetime frame warranty and a 3-year cushion and exterior fabric warranty, protecting you against manufacturing defects when used under normal conditions.
So, What’s The Fine Print?

We encourage every customer to review the terms of our warranty prior to completing your purchase. You are welcome to click here and find the full warranty. 

In the terms of our warranty, the sofa frame and the cushions and exterior fabric are treated separately. Our limited lifetime warranty on your frame provides protection against breaks, cracks, or any other physical flaws not resulting from normal wear and tear.

The warranty, though, does not cover improper use, physical abuse, or use of the product in a commercial setting. The warranty also does not extend to any products that are resold. 

Our cushions and external covers are covered by a limited 3-year warranty that includes manufacturing defects in the assembly of the cushion due to faulty workmanship of materials, including rips, tears, and stains. 

This warranty also does not cover improper use, physical abuse, use in a commercial setting or stains, rips, tears not caused by faulty workmanship. This includes normal wear and tear.
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Don’t Forget Your Accidental Damage Coverage

If you’re looking for a bit more protection, though, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve partnered with our friends at Mulberry to offer customers three comprehensive Accidental Damage Coverage programs. This add-on product can be purchased directly through the Allform website at the time of your order.

Every Allform sofa and armchair includes the option for either 2, 3, or 5-year coverage. Included in each program is coverage against manufacturing defects, spills & stains, accidental rips & tears and damage from liquid marks & rings.

If you’re interested in our Accidental Damage Coverage, feel free to click here and learn more. 
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What If I Need To Make A Warranty Claim?

If you believe there is a defect with your Allform sofa or armchair, our customer experience team is here to help right away. Warranty claims are judged by our team based on the terms of the warranty and non-defective components are not eligible for replacement. For example, if you purchase a sofa with multiple components and only one component is defective, only the defective component will be eligible for replacement.

Just click here to let us know about any issues you’re running into and we’ll be sure to help with the best solution for you.
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Still Have Questions? That's OK!
If you have additional questions about Allform products or your order, please click here to contact our team and we’ll be in touch to help right away.
Allform sofa 100 day trial

100 Day Relaxin’ Trial

We want your mind to feel as comfortable as your butt. That’s why we offer an industry leading 100 day return guarantee. Comfy is as comfy does.
100% Free, Fast Delivery

100% Free, Fast Delivery

Paying for shipping is just ridiculous. So is waiting 3-4 months for your order. Our unique modular solution lets us ship your new product to you fast and free.
Forever Warranty

Forever Warranty

You know what a short warranty means? It means questionable quality and durability. We offer a best in class limited lifetime warranty on our frames so you can rest easy.