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Fabrics & Leathers
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Why Choose Our Performance Fabrics And Luxury Leathers?
Our performance fabrics and luxury leathers are designed to be durable, easy to care for, and beautiful on day 1, year 1, and beyond.

What If I Spill On My Sofa?
We make each and every product with life’s accidents in mind. And we’re more than happy to help when something happens.

Buying a Leather Sofa Guide for 2023
This leather sofa buying guide will teach you everything you need to know about leather and how to find the best sofa for your home.

Dogs & Leather Couches: Yes, You Can Have Both
When it comes to making the investment in a leather couch, you want to make sure you’re buying one that can stand traffic from your furry friends. We give you your best options.

Guide to Different Types of Sofa Fabric
We break down your sofa fabric options and help you decide which one is the highest quality and best price point for you.

Sofa Materials
At Allform, we take pride in our product. We use natural fiber upholstery fabric, top grain leather, and kiln-dried and hardwood frames to create safe and durable sofas.

How to Choose a Sofa Color You Won't Get Sick Of
Choosing your sofa color is an important decision. We go through the factors you should consider and offer inspiration to help you make a choice that fits your style.

Best Types of Fabrics for Sofas to Last a Lifetime
Learn a little more about each type of sofa fabric to help make your buying decision. From synthetics to natural to leather, we cover all your options in this guide.
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