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Allform 101
Everything you need to know about us
Couple lounging on Allform Sofa
Woman lounging on Allform sofa
Eco-Friendly Sofas
Allform modular sofas are sustainably produced and eco-friendly. Design your own recyclable sofa, free of toxic chemicals and flame retardants.

Pet-Friendly Sofas
Allform modular sofas are designed for literally anyone, including pet owners. Design your own pet-friendly modular sofa and get it shipped fast.

Every Type of Sofa Explained
Looking for a new sofa but not sure which type of sofa is best for your living space? We review each type, so you know what to look for.

Buying a Leather Sofa Guide for 2021
This leather sofa buying guide will teach you everything you need to know about leather and how to find the best sofa for your home.

What is a Sectional?
Learn what a sectional is, where it came from and what configuration options are usually provided by retailers.

Dogs & Leather Couches: Yes, You Can Have Both
When it comes to making the investment in a leather couch, you want to make sure you’re buying one that can stand traffic from your furry friends. We give you your best options.

Standard Sofa Sizes and Dimensions
We review dimensions for various types of sofas to help you find the right option for your living room. Plus, some bonus tips on measuring your space.

Couch in a Box
Finally. A “couch in a box” built to last! Easy to unpack and assemble. Designed to fit any size home. Design yours today, get it fast!

Guide to Different Types of Sofa Fabric
We break down your sofa fabric options and help you decide which one is the highest quality and best price point for you.

Apartment Furniture For Any Space
Apartments come in all shapes and sizes. Find the most versatile apartment furniture to make any space feel like home.

Modular Sofas and Couches You'll Love
Finally. Modular sofas designed for literally any home. Design your own modular sofa, customize it any way you want, and get it shipped fast.

Sofa Styles
With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right sofa style. Allform can help you narrow down your choices so you can choose the perfect sofa to define your personal style and interior design.

Sofa Materials
At Allform, we take pride in our product. We use natural fiber upholstery fabric, top grain leather, and kiln-dried and hardwood frames to create safe and durable sofas.

Apartment Sofas
The perfect apartment sofa is hard to come by. See how an Allform Sofa is one you’ll love lounging in for a lifetime.

Apartment Sectionals
Sectionals aren’t just for bigger homes. Find the perfect apartment sized sectional that’ll fit anywhere. See hundreds of customization options.

Sofas for Small Spaces, Big Rooms, & Everywhere in Between
Live large in any small space with a sofa that fits perfectly! Explore small space sofas in a range of custom and modular styles.

Sectionals for Small Spaces, Lofts, & Everywhere in Between
Live large in any small space with the perfect sectional designed just for you. Explore small place sectionals in a range of custom styles and configurations.

How to Choose a Sofa Color You Won't Get Sick Of
Choosing your sofa color is an important decision. We go through the factors you should consider and offer inspiration to help you make a choice that fits your style.

Best Types of Fabrics for Sofas to Last a Lifetime
Learn a little more about each type of sofa fabric to help make your buying decision. From synthetics to natural to leather, we cover all your options in this guide.

What Exactly is a Chaise Lounge or Chaise Sofa?
Find out everything there is to know about the chaise, including its history, common uses and what makes it stand out from the standard sofa.

How to Measure a Sofa Properly Before Buying
When you purchase a sofa, particularly online, it’s important to have accurate sofa measurements. Allform will show you everything you need to know before you purchase your next sofa.